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Cheshire Counties Sports Car Club.

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Le Mans 2011

Probably the best Le Mans weekend we have attended, great racing, great company and Simon's Stag Do - not forgetting a great Canadian GP to top it off. Thanks must go to Colin Bushell, Simon Best Man for terrific organisation.

Pie & Ale Night, March 2011

A great night was had by all at one of our favourite pubs, The Pant-yr-Ochain, great pies and great ale.

Le Mans 2009

Another memorable weekend at Le Mans, including Mark's Stag Do - no we can't remember that part either!

Le Mans 2007

Le Mans 2007, was quite simply one of the best we had. Also marked the start of a long standing friendship with the owners of the "Tetre Rouge" bar owners and staff - beer and racing, what can top that?

The Lakes 2005

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