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Cheshire Counties Sports Car Club Website.

Founded in 1976 for people who owned (and often raced) classic British sports cars who lived in Cheshire.

In it's formative years most members owned MG's, Triumph's, Austin Healey's and Morgan's. Quite early on Members were active in Club Motorsport and this tradition has been maintained throughout the Club's history. The Club has remained quite small with most members having been around for over 20 years. Nowaday's son's and daughter's are actively involved too.

Social activities have featured heavily throughout the Club's history. Pubs for Sunday lunchtime's, weekend's away to The Lake District and major Motorsport events like Le Mans and the British Grand Prix have mingled with members parties and Barbecue's.

Today modern Sportscars feature in Members garages and members remain committed to Motorsport, Socialising and generally having an enjoyable time together.

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